Articles On The Effects Of Single Moms and dads Combined with Black Males

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Articles On The Effects Of Single Parents And Black Males

Articles on the Effects of Single Parents and Black Males

Single parents are everywhere. The US Census found that in 2002, three out of ten children in the United States were raised and are living in with single parents.

It is believed that the figure has further gone up nowadays. Today, it is estimated that single parents, or the number of single parents in the society, are far more, or have significantly grown over the years.

The assumption can be attributed to the growing perception that single parents are now enjoying the comfort and acceptance by the society that previously were not accorded or provided to them.

Black males are a significant demographic section where the number of cases of single parenthood is significantly and rapidly increasing.

Experts say black males being single parents at the same time pose greater challenge to the person. For one, racial or color discrimination, although the issue is not existing politically anymore, is still bugging a number of African Americans in the country.

Second challenge for the single parents who are black males is their gender. It is found that male single parenting are far lagging behind female single parenting. Although feminism is now on the run, and men and women have equal right, men still are not comfortable to assume domesticated roles in the society.

That is why a number of efforts are initiated by experts and psychologists. To reach the black male- single parents demographic, articles, books and expert advise on single parenting are provided and made accessible over the Internet.

Hence, there are a number of literature or articles that are accessible online and that are targeting the black male single parents around. Here are some of them:

‘Parent Trapped: Dating for Single Parents’. This article is authored by an unnamed single parent. He himself is very much involved in the issue, based on his status.

Thus, it takes one to really and effectively know one. The single parent reader, probably and purposely male black, can relate to the predicaments, joys and experiences of the author. This will be a great reading experience for them.

‘The Bad Rap Against Mothers’. The article is published in a well-know and main steam magazine years ago but is so beautifully written that the essence is far living its life span. The article is written by a single mom, who was abandoned by a black male lover or partner.

‘The Bad Rap Against Mothers, Part 2’ is the second installment or spin off of the first. The article aims to help readers by enumerating and analyzing the hardships and difficult situations single parenthood poses to single moms. In this article, the single mom-author imagines how it could have been if she had been the one to leave his black male ex-partner.

‘The Bad Rap Against Mothers, Part 2’ also aims to create the next generation of very ‘exceptional men’ who will grow up gracefully with manners and principles that will never ever aim to hit or disrespect women and other beings. The author believes single parents can do exactly that—raising good and well-founded men.

‘Come Back Home’ is excerpted from the very popular and best-selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Single Parent’s Soul: Stories of Hope, Healing and Humor’. The article incites that every single parent has his or her own different and personal story to tell.

However, the differences are bounded and should be unified by the thread of comfort and of hope that aims to give out peace of mind to everyone.

‘Get More Time with your Children and Manage Your Child Support’ is written basically and particularly for black males who are also single parents. The article can also apply and touch the hearts of white males who are also single parents.

Through the article, readers will have a sneak peek at the personal and actual expenses and money issues surrounding male single parents, both black and white.

‘Dreaming Through the Twilight’ is somehow mushy and cheesy as the title implies. However, the article, which is also published in a book—a collection of personal diary-style articles—is so profoundly written. The article targets principally the black male single parents who are difficultly dealing with their current single parenthood situations.

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