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The Ring Galaxy
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The NASA Hubble Area Telescope has actually caught the sharpest sight yet of the most renowned of all planetary nebulae, the Ring Galaxy (M57). In this October 1998 image, the telescope has overlooked a barrel of gas cast off by a passing away celebrity countless years back. This image exposes elongated dark globs of product embedded in the gas at the edge of the nebula; the dying main star floating in a blue haze of warm gas. The galaxy is about a light-year in diameter as well as is located some 2,000 light-years from Planet towards the constellation Lyra. The colors are about real colors. The shade image was set up from three black-and-white images taken through various color filters with the Hubble telescope’s Wide Area as well as Planetary Cam 2. Blue isolates emission from extremely hot helium, which lies mainly near to the hot central celebrity. Eco-friendly stands for ionized oxygen, which is situated farther from the star. Red shows ionized nitrogen, which is radiated from the coolest gas, situated farthest from the star. The ranks of color illustrate just how the gas shines because it is bathed in ultraviolet radiation from the remnant central star, whose surface area temperature level is a white-hot 216,000 levels Fahrenheit (120,000 degrees Celsius).

Image #: PR99-01
Day: October 1, 1998

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